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Which kpop songs are you obsessed with right now? <3 For me right now its Stars Appear(SuJu), Devil(SuJu), IF YOU(BigBang), & DOPE(BTS) <3
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@katiems ... :3 I got carried away lol
2 years agoReply
@jiggzy19 hehe my list of Kpop songs I never get tired of and love is sooo soo long so I understand completely! ^^
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crazy 2pm, if you Bigbang, love box seungri, shake it sistar. Bang bang bang bigbang, we like to party bigbang ...ect every Bigbang song lol
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@katiems Yeah it really good!! 馃槉Oh well the block b song is kinda old but I just got into them right now lol and monsta x is pretty good loved them from first song I heard
2 years agoReply
Just Right-Got7, Dope-BTS and Sober-Big Bang
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