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i've convinced myself that its already too late in the game to try and win the tickets to the MADE tour... but im okay because i found this website and its totally awesome, i didnt realize how many of us that are interested in kpop!!!!
my initial reaction when i heard about the contest
than i felt so much hope and happiness to think that it would be possible to go to the concert...
so i tried it out not thinking much of it....
and now that i spend a lot of time on here i told myself its or lose this place is awesome because there are so many people to relate to, and talk to that share the same interests as you.
so basically im saying good luck to everyone and we should be happy for those that win. pray that they come to america again in the future..but not only them i hope that more and more kpop groups come to see their international fans!!!!
@SHINee808 keep the faith because you never know^^ But you attitude towards the outcome is admirable. We should all be happy for one another. I am right there with ya^^ I am still going to get a ticket... because I will be supporting the boys and just to see I seen them live is all that matters. Before I always that the closer I was the funner it was going to be. But with my experience with kpop concerts I have learned that it's not even relevant. the friendships you make in line and as soon as you hear the crowd roar for these artists nothing can describe those moments either^^ if u get a chance to purchase tickets please do so♡ Good luck!!!!!:)
Don't focus on the negatives. Just from reading this card, I can see you're not. So that's good. I mean hey, only two will win. It probably won't be me either, but hey, we got this cool social media to go to from now on! :D
@TMinusEleven @SHINee808 I'm so happy you two like this K-pop Community! (⌒▽⌒) <3
Lol me too! i don't think I'll be able to get there! but I still like this kpop community because it's so fun to know that I'm not alone and that out there are many people that like kpop and are crazy about kpop lol so good luck to everyone (especially VIPs) that are able to get to the top 20! ^^
@TMinusEleven YOU'RE TOTALLY WELCOME!!! (≧∇≦)
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