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hopefully there's a next time
i've convinced myself that its already too late in the game to try and win the tickets to the MADE tour... but im okay because i found this website and its totally awesome, i didnt realize how many of us that are interested in kpop!!!!
my initial reaction when i heard about the contest
than i felt so much hope and happiness to think that it would be possible to go to the concert...
so i tried it out not thinking much of it....
and now that i spend a lot of time on here i told myself its or lose this place is awesome because there are so many people to relate to, and talk to that share the same interests as you.
so basically im saying good luck to everyone and we should be happy for those that win. pray that they come to america again in the future..but not only them i hope that more and more kpop groups come to see their international fans!!!!
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@SHINee808 I think I am going to the 2nd one in jersey on the 11th of Oct.:D How about you?
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@mandapanda723 the one in anehiem on the 4 of you said even though i will be far up just the fact that i can say i went would be amazing!!! oh TAEYANG is my bias and he is right there next to Minho from SHINee!!!!
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I feel like a winner already because I found a place where so many love Bigbang as much as I do.
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I feel the same way! I came here to try and win tickets but then was like "I'M HOME!!!!!!!" It's so nice to finally talk to people about KPop. There's not one peraon I talk to who understands, lol.
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Omg yeas sameeeee I found out about vingle and basically it's the best thing hat happened to me all year
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