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i didnt realize it until now but the point system seems.. almost unfair. my friend recently joined vingle kpop community and she was very active. She clipped 59 card and liked 71 cards just that day but only gained 33 points........ i dont understand how the points are given. si i could be reading 100 card and liking/clipping every single one of them just to gain less than a quarter of that???
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You get points for liking, clipping, getting likes on your comments,people commenting on your cards, etc. Sometimes vingle takes a while to update too. Oh, and just clipping and liking cards can get you into trouble so be sure you're also commenting and whatnot :-)
Yeah, they may consider it spamming so just make sure you're truly taking part by commenting as well like @ErinGregory said. Also, it usually takes a full day for points to show up, so it may have possibly not updated yet. Don't give up though!