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Misconception #1: It takes a lot of time styling curly hair.
Misconception #2: There aren't many hairstyle option for curly hair.
First, if you have extremely, dry, brittle curls it might take a little effort to style your hair. However, once you manage to tame those curls and restore moisture styling it is a breeze. Curly hair has lots of volume and texture and that speeds things up. Second, if you think there are limited styling options for curly hair...think again. Below are a few just to keep your hair busy. Oh, and did I mention it takes less than 2 minute?

The 1-minute rolled chignon.

It's as easy as it looks. Twist the sides and pin it up. Then take a few hair from the front to style and frame your face.

Not 1 but 10 easy styles for curly hair.

All of them are extremely easy and its a matter of changing the sides and putting hair up in a bun.

Curly hair updo by Tasha.

Here's another easy updo for curly hair. Perfect for short or medium length hair.

Cute and elegant hairstyle for curly hair.

When I first watched this video I thought it was a simple twisted half up hairstyle. Boy, was I wrong. All of the hair from her right side is twisted up and flip to the other side. This elegant style is perfect for a one shoulder dress.
It's a big list, so hopefully one or more style might work for your hair. :)
i love this an it looks so easy to do!
i love having curly hair and all the styles i can do, i wish my hair was thicker tho