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Why I think I have the best boyfriend ever!!!!
well I thought I could share this information because im so happy :-) today when I was talking to my boyfriend(not a kpop fan) he randomly asked me how the case of b.a.p was going n if I had heard any news (please if any of you babyz know anything new about the case let me know) ...my boyfriend knows im a huge kpop fan I talk about kpop most of the time and he even buys me kpop merchandise :-D when I thanked him for asking about b.a.p and not judging me or thinking I'm weird for liking kpop so much ...he replied ... "In all honesty, your kpop addiction/interest, it doesn't bother me even In the slightest c: in fact it encourages me and kinda makes my interest peak a bit as in "hmmmmmmm this is some interesting stuff she's saying c:" so I like to encourage you with it c: to embrace it and not be afraid to talk about it , keep me informed, keep me posted. Talk to me like I'm your best friend as well as your husband c: don't try to change yourself for me, rather I want you to open up There's so much more to you and I know it, and I want you to open up and shine like the glowing star you are <3 I wanna get to know you more and more until everything there is to know about you, hehe well there wouldn't be cuz I would know it all c: and then we build and grow together and become the best couple, physically, mentally and spiritually strong, connected and attached. I love you baby :-* " I cried out of happiness...we will be together 8months on the 30th!!! :-D basically Im writing this post cuz I keep seeing things like "if you are a kpop fan you will die alone"..." your standards on men will be so high, you will get no real boyfriend" among other things....I don't like it honestly... the right guy exist..don't give up!!! the right guy will come...a guy who doesn't judge you nor your idols, a guy who buys you gifts, wants to take you to kpop concerts, & spoils you....don't give up, if I found a guy like this you will too!!! :-) "fighting!!!!!"
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That's sweet. And there's rumors that B.A.P is going to have a comeback but like I said rumors. But those rumors are better then nothing because we know that they want to continue making music and seeing us BABYz.
awee thats a keeper u got there :) and u may know already but bap and ts have come to a settlement
Why did I picture him as an anime character with all the faces and such? I'm sorry. Lol I'm glad you have someone like this though. Thanks for posting about it. It's such a sweet moment! ^^