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Hair toner is often a word that you hear your hair dresser use or your beauty guru friend say, "Ooh, your hair is a bit brassy. You need a toner. " What is a toner? It's like this mysterious thing that exist in the salon world. For those of you who are unfamiliar with hair toner, I will unravel this today. We're gonna take a step into science but it's going to be a good little snippet of information for your future hair coloring adventure.
If you dye your hair often you may notice a yellow, orange or red tone after a couple of weeks. Then your hair dresser recommends you a hair toner to fix this problem. Why?

It has to do with color theory.

If you have yellow-orange hair you can correct this with a complimentary color. You can find the color across the wheel (as shown above). So, in this case a purple/violet color can neutralize and cancel it out.
There are purple shampoo available to remove the brassiness. It's not a permanent hair color and does not go into the hair shaft. It just sits on the top and kind of acts like a camouflage to neutralize the warm tone you're not liking.