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while looking for pic and finding one of RapMonster i stumbled upon one of JungKook of BTS and ..well lets just say that before i saw that face he made on the pic i thought that kittens and puppies and bunnies were probably one the cutest thing in whole world all those poor kittens, puppies and bunnies fell to some dark place near bottom and then nothing and then high on top is this face of JungKook pouting and puffing out his cheeks :D poor kittens and puppies :D ... and because it was so cute and funny i just wanted to try and draw it and also since he has pouty lips and puffed out cheeks and makes a face it is kind of a challenge since it sort of changes the face ... and for those wordering why he has white hair instead of black ...lets just say that my 8B pencil is really tiny like really really tiny :D so it was safer to leave his hair be :) again i used just ordinary set of 12 pencils u could buy at any store with art supplies and to smudge the shading and make it look sort of (hopefully) better i used smudge stump (u can also get it at art supplie store ) :) hope it looks like JungKookie even if just tiny bit :)
I could tell it was Kookie^^ Looks amazing!!!!
This is really good!!!