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Rumor has it that Jackson will not be able to attend KCON LA due to "Law of the Jungle" filming in Nicaragua; therefore, he won't be able to fly back in time. However, we should have all known especially after not seeing him appear in one of the recent music shows due to filming.
^^^ My full rant on the issue if you care to read haha
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@tayyylorx rant wasn't long at all. I feel you. I didn't get tix to KCON bc not enough of the groups I wanted to see would be there. At an event like that I don't think people should go just for one group, so I agree with you.
Gosh i wouldve gone only to c him.
@tayyylorx I agree with @kpopkrazed it wasn't long at all and it's very true! Like I said it still sucks if someone isn't able to make it, ofc, but it's not bc he doesn't want to come. He is working and working hard so I'm just hoping Got7 (Jackson) fans will at least try to understand that!
aww now im glad I couldn't go since he was the only reason I would've sold my soul to see.. I guess this means he won't be on ASC either :( not as much fun but I'll still be watching