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Thanks @kpopgaby :) I just took this sine it looked fun! 1. Haru Haru - Big Bang. Actually... now that I think about it, the first song I can remember hearing is Passion by Se7en! 2. A friend of mine played Haru Haru as we shared earphones while studying for AP Euro way back in high school - and then I looked up all the songs I could find by Big Bang on Limewire (SO OLD) and listened to them nonstop for 6 months before even looking up what they looked like 3. I believe it was Sooyoung from SNSD! 4. Seungri from Big Bang. Panda grabbed onto my heart real fast 5. Big Bang. My loves. 6. Sorry Sorry by Super Junior! We learned it for a performance :) 7. Big Bang and Fly to the Sky are my tops 💜 8. It might have been the Big Bang documentary... but it also could have been one of those random shows they were on when they were rookies! 9. Beast. My goodness those boys and their music hit me every time 10. I think it was a poster of some sort. 11. I remember that K-Pop came to me in a time when I was having a really hard time getting excited or really happy about anything because my emotions were just too hard for me to handle. 12. K-Pop helped me feel things again and it brought color back into my world.