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Tao crying after his solo release in an interview :'-(

Z.Tao gets teary-eyed as he talked about his life in South Korea as he makes a special appearance on a Chinese program. Following the release of his first solo album T.A.O in China, Z.Tao has been appearing in a number of music programs, along with talk shows and variety programs. In a recent guesting, the singer disclosed his life as a trainee and artist in South Korea and revealed that, “I was alone for 4 years and no one around me helped me. I had to do everything on my own.” He followed the statement by saying that he missed his mother and family and as the host asked further questions and acknowledged the hardship that was shared, Z.Tao showed tears. Do you all feel bad for him, or think that's the life he chose so he shouldn't complain? I feel bad for him :-(
I feel bad idk what is do without my mom!
i feel bad for him. people should always help one another not make someone feel lonly.
He was very young at the time. To be in a foreign country, unable to communicate well, to feel very alone. Put yourself in his place. Even most young twenty somethings like to know their parents are close by if they get in a bind. I feel badly for all these young trainees... basically growing up without families. These kids start training very young and put in very long hours. I think if they want these kids so badly they should make arrangements for them to be with family periodically. All these kids know is hotels, performing, dorms and training. Chanyeol was saying one time how they never get to sightsee in the cities they tour in because of security and time constraints. That's a shame.
I feel bad for him but at the same time, according to his excuses for leaving Exo was invalid and I feel like he shouldn't have lied to his fans, they're extremely hurt. I don't know all about the situation or the inside life of his so I won't judge but I think he deserves happiness, just luke everyone else.
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