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Did you know?

You can keep track of small stud earrings by fastening the set through buttonholes before slipping them into a jewelry bag.
You can set jewelry between two sheets of plastic wrap to prevent it from moving around and tangling in your bag.
You can use a pill case or lip balm container to keep track of small jewelry like rings and earrings.
You can string the end of a dainty necklace through straws to prevent the chain from knotting and tangling.
You can wrap shoes into a shower cap.
You can place dryer sheets in your suitcase to keep clothes smelling fresh and static free.
You can use a glasses case to hold phone chargers and other electronic chords.
You can store bobby pins in a Tic Tac container.
You can fold a bar of soap into a wash cloth.
You can tuck underwear and socks into a pair of shoes to save space.
You can save space by rolling clothes instead of folding them.
You can lay clothing flat inside a dry-cleaning bag if you're packing clothes that wrinkle easily. The plastic will prevent creases from setting in.

Feel free to share what hacks you find most beneficial before a big trip!

No problem @casymanski! Glad you found them helpful.
Love these hacks especially the pill case one. I always lose earrings when I travel
Yea earrings are always the first thing to lose when I travel @cindystran