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This week's Maknae Monday features Big Bang's maknae panda, Seungri. Don't forget to tell me who your favorite maknaes are! ^_^
(Requested by @warjeensuleiman and @jluma21)
Name: Lee Seung Hyun (이승현)
Group: Big Bang
Birthdate: December 12, 1990
Hometown: Gwangju, South Korea
Role: Lead Vocals, Dancer
Horoscope sign: Sagittarius
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, learning languages
Languages: Korean, Japanese, English
Dream: If not for music, he would be a kindergarten teacher
Twitter: ForvictoRi
Latest Project: Working on Big Bang comeback, MADE and going on world tour.
Here are some fun "facts" about this adorable maknae...
He knows how to fan service.
He does a great YG impression.
He maybe slightly obsessed with GD (Nyongtory, anyone?)
He's probably the most adored maknae out there.
He is a panda.
And coincidentally, I just found out today that he saved other Big Bang members from an accident during their recent concert.
On July 25th, 2015 during their concert in Malaysia, TOP and Daesung were too close to the fireworks and Seungri pulled them away just in time. Back in 2008, Seungri suffered from a firework accident on stage (seen in the second video) so he knew better than anyone how terrible that would've been for his hyungs. Such a kind and amazing soul!
Hope you enjoyed learning about Seungri!

Did I miss any other Seungri facts? Let me know if I did!

Make a card about your favorite maknae or tell me who they are so I can make one for you :)

I read about that yesterday on the YG United page on FB. he's our V.I.P hero!!
Bless Seungri, omg. If he hadn't moved Daesung and T.O.P out of the way, they would've ended up in his situation back in 2008. Seungri is such an amazing maknae. ♡
He seems like a cool guy to hang out with. Like, he'd be someone I'd grab a beer and talk with.
He's so amazing! He's a good maknae!
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