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This list was getting WAY too long so I cut it off at 6 of my favorite female idols.

I know this list could have gone on forever so add your favs in the comments below!

Nana - After School

For someone as effortlessly beautiful as she is, she doesn't have any problem looking ridiculous. Especially with Orange Caramel, Nana has the incredible ability to laugh at herself. She is confident, funny, beautiful, and can act, sing, dance, and model.


I'm sure @KpopJunkiesTV can explain Ailee better than I can, but basically this girl is amazing. She's a bit of a diva but its because she respects her art and demands that respect in return - which is never a bad thing. Her voice is stunning and she's all about girl power.


Hyeri is ridiculous. She's so obscenely cute but at the same time is notorious for falling asleep while eating, making the craziest facial expressions, and falling over randomly. She works hard, can sing incredibly live, and dated her childhood bias - she's my hero!


Ga-in could care less what you think. People think her music and videos are too sexy, but that's the point. She's trying to change the way the world sees female sexuality and that's awesome. She's super talented and actually puts a ton of thought behind her music. She's changing the world slowly but surely.

Junghwa - EXID

Always eating, always making ugly faces, being embarrassing and loud and obnoxious. Being everything the 'cute visual' member shouldn't be. All the girls of EXID are my bias because they got popular from a sexy song but want to prove that they're talented insane women in real life.

Lee Hyori

The original bas ass woman. Hyori stands up for everything - she's all for female equality, gay rights, she's a vegan, and she works closely with UNICEF and other networks to help children in need. She's a super hero. If you're ever looking for a role model, I'm pretty sure Hyori is the best you can get. I LOVE YOU HYORIIII.
I would have to say Amber from f(x) is my Kpop lady hero. She's fun, multi-talented, cute, and strong inside and out. She doesn't believe in binary standards in what a woman should look like. She does believe in being yourself and that everyone is beautiful no matter what someone else says.
I love Apink's Eunji^^
now I'm going to have to do my own list... which will look a heck of a lot like yours except Suzy is, has been and will always be number one for me 히히히
Apink - Eunji miss A - Suzyyy
I love Hyuna
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