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It's coming up on a year since the Playable Teaser for Silent Hills (PT) was released, and its memory still lurks in the mind of gamer everywhere, particularly in the hearts of horror fans.
The game was acclaimed by video game critics the world over for its anxious, building horror. The familiarity of the environment, the endless looping, the random encounters with the spectral enemy of (your?) dead wife.
A big part of the game's critical allure was the nature of its completion. Players were left in the dark for the definitive method of completing the game, even days after its release. In this modern era of the internet and information sharing, that's virtually unparalleled.
twitch streamer SoapyWarPig completed the game within hours of its first release, though even she/ admitted to not knowing exactly how she did it. Other players too managed to complete the teaser and unlock the cinematic tease for Silent Hills, though no one was able to determine the sequence of events for how to do it.
Hideo Kojima, who created this game with Guillermo Del Toro, hoped that players wouldn't be able to figure out how to beat the game for at least a week. He was wrong in that hope. It took nine days.
The game will forever live on, though, thanks to terrible news. Konami, the developer backing the game with Kojima, abruptly cancelled the project in April of this year. Not just cancelling the upcoming title, which featured the likeness of actor Norman Reedus of Walking Dead fame, Konami also removed PT from the PlayStation Network, ensuring that nobody will ever be able to download the game again.
This is an absolutley unprecedented move in video game history. Never has a developer applied such a scorched-earth policy to its own IP. However, if this was a move to make people forget and move on from Silent Hills and PT, it has backfired tremendously.
Now that there are a finite number of PS4s with PT on it, it has become an incredibly rare and valuable game, a first for the industry- there's never been any rarity in digital files. By removing the game entirely (it's impossible even to re-download the game from your library) Konami has made PT a piece of gaming history.
Though officially Silent Hills has been cancelled, players still retain optimism about it, hoping that all of this is just stellar marketing strategies to keep interest high for the project. Who can tell?
omg why did they cancelled it! stupid konami! it was highly anticipated and I was really looking forward to it's release. I thought they were taking their time to perfecting the game and now back to square one.....
@animaniafreak those are my sentiments as well! I'm just hoping that Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro find a new project to work on. The rumor is that they are still. I'm hoping it's allison road, that they're the secret people behind it or something
I love this series!!