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This past Saturday, there was an open pop up art event at Gallery 54, which is located on 54 Graham Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The walls were spread out with strikingly colorful and lively paintings. Along with the artwork, was a showcase of SweetHeatBikinis, which are handmade crochet bikinis, made by Jenice and Venus Ramos. The Ramos sisters create custom-made bikinis, which have been flaunted by celebrities like Rosa Acosta. Gallery 54 also does tattoos and piercings. The Ramos sisters' artistic talents also include painting and tattoo art.
Every corner of this gallery is dressed with artistic inspiration and innovation. There is certainly an abundance of artistic talent at the gallery, which covers several areas of creative expression. The pop up event at Gallery 54 was intimate but relaxed, with spoken-word, singing, mingling, and light eats. The Ramos sisters plan on having more events at Gallery 54. Be sure to check 'em out whenever you're in the area!
Crochet, handmade bikini made by Jenice and Venus Ramos.
Fierce ladies and even fiercer art. I have to go here.
This looks amazing! I love that they are using all their artistic passions at once and not just show casing their art, or their bathing suits or their tats!
Def going to have to sometimes!!
Looks like my kinda scene!!! Glad you enjoyed yourself.
@Jordanhamilton, you definitely check them out. They have a lot of great art. @TessStevens yesss they are all types of fierce!