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Clara and the Doctor went on some truly marvelous adventures in the last season of Doctor Who. This mysterious and stubborn companion won our hearts when she traveled with Matt Smith's 11. When Peter Capaldi arrived on the scene, we were still drying our eyes over the Doctor's most recent regeneration.

Remember that sadness?

If you're looking for a simple cosplay to show your Doctor Who pride, Clara is an excellent choice. Her costume is fairly consistent and specific, but the individual pieces are really easy to either find or make. You probably already own most of them! Here goes:

Clara's style is cute AND pragmatic.

Black tights, black tights, black tights. She's rarely seen without them. Go for opaque, not sheer.
Clara's dresses usually have subtle colors or prints in dark reds, greens, and blues. They're generally collared, with a high neckline. Pretty much the polar opposite of Rose Tyler. Topshop and ASOS have both had dresses featured on the show.

Look for items similar to these ones that you already own!


Clara usually wears odd necklaces. The necklace she wore during the Christmas special came from Shoptiques- that style is sold out but there are plenty of similar ones if you're looking for inspiration.
Her shoes are both classically stylish and completely practical. Think block heels, ankle boots, or brogues.

You costume doesn't have to be an exact match!

You can often find the same pieces worn on the show (Shop Your TV is a great resource for this), but if you're looking for a cosplay that's cheap or easy to do, grabbing similar items from your own closet and putting them together is a great place to start!

Go for it!

@shannonl5 Definitely not XD
Turns out I dress like clara on the regular without even
@vulpix haha that's awesome she has a great sense of style. Just beware of men in bowties... or not XD