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For fashion fans who love watching TV, there are a slew of shows that supposedly cater to the fashion world in some way or another, but a majority of them seriously miss the mark at the same time. These shows are supposedly about the fashion industry, but have pretty silly interpretations of what's high fashion and what's just a good old television spectacle.

1. America's Next Top Model

ANTM has a huge fanbase and has done a lot of things right, but being true to the fashion world is not one of them. Tyra's attempts to keep the show linked to the fashion industry are laughable and get worse with every season, as the prize packages get less prestigious and the twists each season features take the competition further away from true high fashion modeling. Guest stars and judges are more spectacle-drawing and drama provoking than true to the fashion world, and drama between contestants is blown up and broadcast with nothing to do with fashion.

2. Running in Heels

This super short-lived reality TV show followed the interns at Marie Claire magazine, which is pretty relevant to the fashion industry, but the show was not. The contestants were more drama-hungry than in the fashion know, who seemed more likely interested in being on television than at the top of the fashion industry. Playing up drama and stress, the show was supposed to be like a real-life Devil Wears Prada, but ended up seeming like a petty and poorly-made soap with a coincidentally fashionable setting.

3. Stylista

Another one-season reality TV show that wasn't too different from Running in Heels, Stylista was a laughable attempt at making a fashion magazine set a truly high fashion premise for a TV competition. The subjects competed with tasks each week loosely based around work at Elle magazine for Anne Slowey, and while key players on the show like Joe Zee and Slowey herself do truly carry weight in the industry, their overly-dramatic roles on the show were more meant to be fear-inducing pillars to the competition than telling of the fashion world.

4. What Not to Wear

What Not to Wear is another show that thrived despite not being the most fashion-forward. While the premise of giving unfashionable people makeovers sounds fashionable enough, Tracy and Clinton's limited (very limited) selection of stores sponsoring their mission led to hundreds of makeover-ees looking very similar and more commercial than high fashion. Their knowledge of style isn't exactly off-base, but the makeovers they give everyone are more watered-down versions of chic than actually insightful about different kinds of fashion.

5. The Carrie Diaries

While Sex and the City might not always be the most realistic with the amazing designer clothes and shoes Carrie can somehow afford, the show truly is a fashionable gem we all know and love. The recent and short-lived spinoff, the Carrie Diaries, which is supposed to be about Carrie's life in the 80's in high school, is way less fashionable than it intended to be. Carrie's dream internship at Interview Magazine is less realistic and more overdone and optimistic, and her 80's wardrobe is more clichéd than authentic.