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We are all so use to convenience. Our food comes prepackaged, our heat is turned on by a little dial, and the doctors give us medicine when we are sick, easy one, two, three. We are so use to having everything just a finger tip and card swipe away we completely forget that it is peoples jobs to give us this pretense of convenience.
So here are just a few jobs that we completely overlook, meanwhile other people make their living off if them!
We see them everywhere, but I know it isn't just Mary Kate and Ashley putting them up. Billboards change all the time and it is someones job to put the advertisements up. Its amazing that we can let our gaze just slide right over them and not even think about it.
It seems like a old profession that can only be found in books and movies now, yet mining towns still exist to this day. And yes, one of the many uses of coal does include electricity which I actually had to google thats how little I know about a job that is so critical to the USA. And even though we have figured out a way to put a man on the moon, coal workers still face extreme working conditions daily and no one seems to be trying to change that.
And I don't just mean the wealthy farm owners. I'm taking about the no-name immigrant workers who harvest anything from blueberries to broccoli for 15 hours every day for nearly no pay. Ever wonder why your groceries are so much cheaper at large supermarkets then farmers markets and organic? Its because of these underpaid and over worked people.
Kill factories
Yes we Americans love our meat. The chilled aisles fully stocked with beef, pork, chicken and fish, all cleaned, packages and ready to cook. Now lets thinks about how they got like that, because we all know a cows insides aren't just the delicious ground beef that you can buy by the pound. Thats right, someones job is to literally help slaughter the animals and then ground them, or in chickens cases, debeak and de-feather.
And yet for some reason, dentists have the highest suicide rate for one occupation.
Highway Upkeep
We all know that highways didn't always exist, but it sure feels like it, plus they keep adding more and more! Now think about the painted lines we all must follow or else you are an accident waiting to happen...or a ticket. Someones job is to actually paint all of those miles of lines! Crazy right?
And to think, these 5 are just a drop in the bucket compared to all the other jobs I can't even think up, and some I don't want to think up *cough cough sex doll creators cough*. If you guys have any more to add or work one of these jobs let me know! I am so interested to learn more about the way this country actually runs. Because lets be real, without these behind the scene workers, we wouldn't be anything.
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@buddyesd I can't imagine having to deal with cleaning the streets in the rain it must be so hard! But that's awesome that you guys are doing so well and expanding
@LizArnone yea i used to love the rain...used to lol were lucky though our pipes and inlets aren't that big. mostly 24 inches in diameter. i think the ones in New York and Chicago are massive. no ninja turtles running around in ours haha
@buddyesd when my dad was a kid they were just putting in these HUGE drain pipes full of clean water and him and his friends sailed a dirty mattress down it. or at least thats the story he told me lol
@LizArnone so he's the one haha I gotta see if I can make a card of some of the things I found lol
@buddyesd haha yes please do!!! i would love to hear the crazy stories