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TV is full of cliche couple types, but like they say, they're cliches for a reason. I'm willing to bet that plenty of you Vinglers in relationships can relate to a couple of these couples.

Chuck & Blair

You're the power couple. Only your significant other really understands why you're so motivated to be the very best. You're both independent and can do your own thing, but at the end of the day, you want to come home to each other. While you might have a bit of a complicated past, it was all worth it for the loving place you two are at in your relationship now.

Jim & Pam

You're the funny couple. You two bond over jokes, pranks and a shared sense of humor. You were best friends before you dated. You're the couple that everyone knew would end up together, it just took you guys a while to get there.

Ross & Rachel

You're the on again off again couple. You've been friends, you've dated, you've broken up and gotten back together plenty of times. You two have a bumpy past, but in the end, you always come back to each other.

Marshall & Lily

You're the goofy couple. You've got funny nicknames for each other, an adorable story of how you first met and you're so in sync that you constantly finish each other's sentences. The two of you have been together for so long and are so perfect for each other that everyone sort of just sees you as one.

Carrie & Mr. Big

You're the passionate couple. Your past is definitely a little rocky and you've both been with other people, but this relationship is always in the back of your mind. You can't stand to watch the other with someone new, you fight constantly when you're together, but for some reason, it's all worth it.
I've always wanted to end up in a relationship like Jim & Pam, but that might just be because I'm in love with John Krasinski.

Which TV couple are you and your significant other most similar to?

(also I love Jason Segel)
@VinMcCarthy I also think my boyfriend and I are a little like Marshall and Lily which is partially because we went to the same college their characters did and met in the same dorm they met in
@VinMcCarthy that's totally fair, Marshmallow and Lilypad are one of TV's cutest couples
I'd like to think me and my lady are Marshall and Lily, but that might just be because I love Jason Segel so much.
Woah @Gavriella what a weird coincidence!