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Yet another K-pop scandal!
This time with SM!
If you want to get caught up on what exactly is going on with Tao and SM, read @JazzyPie's card on the matter!
This update has to do with what Tao said during a recent interview and the fact that SM has BLOCKED his official music video on YouTube.
This is going to be one ugly scandal.
According to Soompi:
Tao (Huang Zitao) recently had his Chinese solo music video blocked from YouTube due to a copyright claim by SM Entertainment, and now the agency is taking further steps to block other copies of the music video from the site...This is because Tao is still bound to his contract with SM Entertainment.
Ugh, SM. I cannot take a side on how I feel about the MV being blocked. On one hand Tao has moved on from SM and wants to do his own thing and I want him to be successful. On the other hand, it seems like Tao hasn't properly terminated his contract with SM and therefore still has to follow SM rules. Who is to know what exactly is going on?
Tao then made this statement during the interview, enraging a lot of EXO-Ls...
“I have been alone for the past four years; I had to deal with every single thing by myself. There was no one who helped me.”
No one can understand Tao's position (maybe other idols who originate from a different country and had to live away from family for a long time). So it's hard to see him get hate for being honest.
But instead of supporting Tao for opening up about his feelings, "fans" are bashing him for faking friendship with EXO and claiming to be alone...
"wow! Seriously Tao?! geez! how can you say all of that? Your not even officially out from EXO and you are already saying that!?"
It seems like there's quite a bit of controversy surrounding Tao's comeback. I really just wish the best for him. Hopefully, he doesn't let all the hatred get to him and things can get sorted out peacefully between him and SM.
Why do you guys think Tao is getting the most hate out of all members who've left SM?
OK so basically tao's statement on being alone for four years and not receiving help is not wrong. you can be surrounded by friends and still feel lonely or like they don't understand. so him saying that he was alone for four years l, he very well may have been. in respect to him not receiving help I'm gonna need all those fake a** fans to sit down for a second and remember that Tao traveled on crutches alone to pick up his own medication, that Tao although injured sat on stage and sang with Exo instead of receiving the Care he deserved and needed and before you come at me with that "but that was his choice" well you know what it's the companies responsibility to tell him No and treat him. they didn't seem to have a problem telling him no to solo projects over the years so then why couldn't they say it to benefit him? Tao's parents entrusted their child's life to this company and they pretty much failed in fulfilling their duties and fans wanna get mad cus he left. I know that SM technically has the right to copyright his mv because he's still under contract (barely) but let's be honest they weren't doing it out of actual concern for company image or anything like that, they were doing it to take a shot at Tao and it looks like it's working because we have all these hating nasties going after Tao on his social media and they are hindering his growth as a solo artist which was their goal. If people would actually pay attention to the shady a** sh*t they would notice that although technically Luhan and Kris hadn't completely terminated their contracts or come to any sort of mediation when they released their solo's Sm didn't pull this crap. why? because they were well aware that ) Luhan and Kris would find a way to drag their sorry a**es and ruin them but with Tao they know they have a little wiggle room so are trying to bully him into returning. As for me just another powerless fan whom none of them know exists most likely all I can do is watch and hope for the best I love Tao and I love Exo. I will never stop but that doesn't mean I agree with SM's way of running things I just honestly hope Tao does not crack and finds a way to drag them into a pit just as Kris and Luhan would've. sorry for my language and angry tone I'm usually pretty calm about these things but I've been receiving hate for being a hailang lately and a xingmi hearing how Lay will betray them too because he's Chinese and it just makes me sick that racist and disgusting selfish people get to walk around unscathed.
People keep saying Tao lied about his injuries... It's been more than long enough for the surgery he had done to heal, so the whole not enough time argument is invalid. Should he have told the Exo-L he was leaving??? possibly...but there is also the chance he didn't say anything because he himself wasn't sure if he was leaving yet. Another thing to take into account is that the way the other EXO members act about this isn't necessarily the way they truly feel. SM more than likely tell them how to act about this, that's how the entertainment industry works, remember when Kris and Luhan tried to hold hands... (I think it was Luhan) when they met in China after Kris left, and the SM staff quickly put a stop to it? Yeah that actually happened. I already have Tao's mini album on my iPod all three songs are fantastic! SM needs to drop the issue and just let it go, they are being nothing but bullies! This only makes my dislike of SM grow closer to the point of outright hating them as a company! I will continue to support Tao in his endeavours the best way I can, and I hope others will as well, he is chasing his dream, and that is all anyone wants to do in life so finally I would like to end this long comment by saying, TAO FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!
I think KPOP (EXO) fans really need to calm down... He may be talking about EXO, but we don't know what the actual relationship between the members were nor his feelings/thoughts. Maybe he's in the wrong, maybe he's not, but bc we don't know let's just be happy he's still trying to pursue his dreams w/what seems to be to to his liking!
@MrsChanyeol @KathleenJessieN @szewwy @montha91 @H7zAngel @daznothephop @tayunnie @MinionPeach17 @sherrysahar @lamrotamrot @Mendoza0896 Can I just say your guys are ALL awesome for being such mature and sensible fans and for having a great discussion about this! I have gotten much more useful insight into this from here than all the places where I read the news first (The comment sections were literal train wrecks!)
I don't understand SM why copyrighted his video. SM just seems super childish to me.... and it's becoming a habit to think that all kpop scandals involving companies is SMEnt. 😧😩
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