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I get that some idols do it and it's actually not entirely frowned upon in Korea, but I think most of the time they're just naturally gorgeous. Does anyone know for certain any K idol that has had plastic surgery?
Kwanghee from ZE:A had plastic surgery and he's completely open about it. I personally think he looked fine either way.
As long as it makes them happy and have more confidence in themselves who am I to judge? Yes I would much rather they accept their natural beauty because our differences makes us who we are. But if they have it and they feel even more beautiful to themselves then I'm okay.
@KpopKrazed she has had a lot of work done... But part of that was to fix a pretty bad mistake on of the surgeons made, she had to get several procedures done just to fix it... It's sad really cause she didn't want to have that much done
The k-pop poster child for plastic surgery would have to be Park Bom from 2ne1 if you ask me. It's literally the ONLY reason she's not my favorite any more. Watching her change into pretty much plastic has been heartbreaking to me :-(.
tao and kris still look the same to me...