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Though Silent Hills may be dead in the water after Konami's scorching of the earth, the memory of PT and everything it did for the survival horror genre of games still lives on. It lives on visually and thematically, it would seem, for new developing studio Lilith Ltd.
Lilith Ltd. is a small studio, with 6 current developers, and another four people for writing, PR, and so on. Together, they are endeavoring to create a game called Allison Road, a survival horror title in the same vein as PT.
In fact, it definitely looks like a spiritual successor to PT. In a 13 minute gameplay trailer recently released by the studio, the game seems to take place entirely inside one quaint British townhouse, as an unnamed protagonist wakes up with seemingly no recollection of the events that got him here.
Over the course of the trailer, the main character interacts with a bunch of objects throughout the first level of the house, things like a PS4 controller, books, and even a card that has a callback to PT, which says "Dad was such a drag".
Things start getting really weird in this house pretty quickly. Check out this trailer. (Warning: not for the faint of heart, or the squeamish.)
Lilith have said that the objective of this trailer was to highlight the kind of gameplay we can expect to see from the game. However, they didn't want to reveal anything about the game's plot, so it is likely that the events of the trailer will not be in the final cut of the game.
In any case, though, the similarities to PT are evident; the disarming nature of the home; it feel familiar and calm. This is a place where we have been, or could imagine ourselves being. The helplessness of not knowing what is happening in your own home. Even the color palettes are similar.
Important differences here, though, are small but make a major difference. The protagonist speaks aloud, musing about the objects he is interacting with. In a way, this takes you out of the experience a little bit.
In PT, the player insertion was almost perfect- you never saw or heard your character, so you weren't really playing a character- it was you, experiencing this unending nightmare. In Allison Road, you are someone else, and even that little bit adds distance to the experience.
Moreover, it is briefly demonstrated that you can equip yourself with a weapon. The protagonist picks up a butcher's cleaver and is prompted to equip the item. So in at least a subtle way, this game hints that you'll have some ability to defend yourself, unlike titles like Outlast or Amnesia, in which you can only run and hide.
Lilith Ltd are planning to release the game in Q3 of 2016, and players are waiting with baited breath to see how this spiritual successor holds up.
@lizarnone definitely! I think the buildup added to it. But I think when the camera panned back around, if she had been gone, and when you turned back around again if she was there it would have been scarier.
@LizArnone right? I think they really built a great, creepy building atmosphere. Though tbh, I think the jumpscare at the end could have been scarier.
@VinMcCarthy i was expecting it for 13 minutes so i was pretty tense when it happened but if they added like maybe one more to get me reallllly anxious it would have been that much scarier
AHHHHHH that was so creepy I couldn't even imagine playing it!! I think i land in the faint of heart category, although it is really really cool