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This is a 30 min behind the scenes look at the wonderful world of fashion. And not just any old fashion style. . .but KFashion. This has a mixture of Korean culture and the awsome world that is KPOP. Also below are some quick KStyle tips to try out!
I basically wanted to show what the ouside world thinks of KPOP verses the dye hard fans point of veiw. She did insult everything about the culture, but that goes to show what we ourselves could say about another country or culture. The base as always is "Never judge a book by its cover" "And get the true facts" @NicoleGrottkau @kpopandkimichi
@NicoleGrottkau Oyyy I only watched the second video - yeah that woman knew nothing. She had some good points but mostly UGH
Thanks for finding these two!! I knew about the inserts but not anything else ^^
"Off into the sunset to bang like rabbits." That lady insulted EVERY person that she met and put her culture and herself up on a pedestal. She should get some manners before she makes anymore videos. And she might benefit from actually researching a place before going.