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While traveling around Bushwick, I discovered a quaint and cute Florida-Cuban-inspired cafe. It's in a fairly obscure place in Bushwick, so it's easy to miss. But let the smell of cafecito lead you the way. The cafe has a small outdoor area, but you can enjoy your coffee inside. Cafetería La Mejor also sells toasted Cuban bread-- which you can dunk in your cafe con leche (the right way to have these two items!)
As a Miamian, home of the Cuban cafes, I was impressed by the cafe. It's small, but typical for the authentic Cuban cafes that you would see in Miami. It was also well-lit and gives the cafe a very tropical, summery feeling.
The cafecito was strong and sweet -- just like it's supposed to be.
Cafetería La Mejor is located at 191 Suydam St, in Bushwick. This cafe sits between Wilson and Central Avenue. They only take cash, so make sure to have that handy. If you're in the mood for great Cuban coffee, this is the place to go to.
I need an iced coffee in my life as we speak.
It is! I'd say the prices are a bit steep, but it's pretty worth it because their coffee is actually really good.
Looks like a cute little spot!