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"Long Live McQueen. Look monsters, we got a sign of love from beyond. (skull emoji). Photo by the babes"

Lady Gaga has arrived in New York City and she's so happy to see her fiancé more than anything. Not only has he showered her with Gaga approved gifts, but it looks like they are really enjoying their time together. They just recently got engaged and though Gaga loves her ring, nothing makes her happier than the shoes she was given. Multiple pictures have been posted along with cute captions to match. Her life is ultimate #RelationshipGoals

"Lion Club Stuff"

"It was so special," she gushed. "It was actually funny. He first gave me a Ring Pop – a candy Ring Pop -- and I was crying so hard, and I said yes right away, and then he pulled out the heart-shaped diamond and I said 'Oh, God!'" - Their engagement.

"When a gift comes to you from Heaven photo by Taylor Kinney best fiancée ever"

Gaga wore a similar pair of these heels at the MTV Video Music Awards in September, 2010.

"And I just happened to have a glass dome laying around... So they can live protected and happy"

Only Gaga would just randomly have a glass dome laying around...

"Shining up the glass sparkly and pretty listening to Jazz, why a beautiful morning."

Nothing like walking around in a nude body suit for leisurely wear.

"mummy don't bother me I'm with daddy"

Meet Asia Kinney
Her dog even has an Instagram of her own, @missasiakinney , pulling in 157 thousand followers. WOAH.

"And jersey nails (skull emoji) #home "

no caption.
no caption.

"Atlantic City Slut"

Oh my God that ring! I've always loved Gaga she's a real individual and deserves all of the success and happiness in the world! And she's a real New York girl! She has to make new music soon.
Such a fresh breath of air , your such a sexy woman ,keep looking like a wild flower. mike