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Kate Hudson Dances to Fetty Wap's 'Trap Queen

There are plenty of ways we would expect Kate Hudson to deal with airport boredom, but turning up to Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” wasn’t one of them.

This weekend Hudson shocked the world with her IG video dancing to a Fetty Wap classic.
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Hudson and her awesome son Ryder turned up to Fetty Wap in the airport lounge while waiting for a flight. By the looks of it, they spent some time rehearsing together prior to showing off their moves.
Fans showed their support of the video immediately, as it went viral on social media. Most of the comments from fans were positive, as they said things like, “Me as a mom,” “My kind of parenting” and “Why is she so awesome?”
This video touched my heart from the second I watched it. It’s great to see Hudson let her hair down and have some good clean fun with her kids.
It seems like Kate has a passion for music and the hip-hop culture (pretty tight dance moves.) I wonder which rap hit she will create a video to next??
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Trap Queen is one of those songs that just gets under your skin...I have no idea why I like it, I just do. lol, any thoughts?
@tessstevens I think it's the chorus.. VERY catchy. Fetty also has a pretty unique voice, which really grabs the listener once they realize the type of stuff he's talking about, lol
@skee292 Yeah the were ready for this IG moment, lol. Was skimming through her account and she has a couple videos dedicated to her favorite rap songs. I never knew Kate Hudson was so cool!