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I'm pretty new to vingle, but I figured it was about time that I make an intro card, because this place is awesome. And if you haven't already noticed...I love kpop. I think Girls' Generation (Gee, of course) was my very first kpop song. But I didn't reaaally get into kpop until a few years ago. I'll just start by explaining my current involvement in this ever so lovely fandom, though.


To start it off... my favorite group.
Yup. The adorkable BTS. Need I say more? Ultimate bias, you say? *le sigh*
That would be perfection in human form. Chimchim, Jibooty, all-the-jams Jimin. They're just my top, top, top fav. I promise that I really love a lot of groups. And by a lot, I mean A LOT. That's a topic for a whole 'nother card.


I've been to many a concert. So the first thing I learned by going is that idols are even more beautiful in person. Yeah, I don't know how that's possible either. For most of the concerts I've been to, I've been near the front or actually front row. I swear I don't even live off air anymore. Just eye contact from idols. Anyways, a list of who I've seen.

Artists I've Seen Live

B.A.P (x2) 2AM EXO (as 12) Crayon Pop TeenTop (x2) f(x) Dynamic Duo DJ Koo Yu Seung Woo Henry G-Dragon (x2) B1A4 (x2) CNBLUE 聽Girls' Generation 聽IU Jung Joon-young聽 Spica VIXX (x2) Got7 2PM Boyfriend BTS (x2) And out of those....

Artists I've Met

VIXX Boyfriend 2AM 2PM B1A4 (x2) TeenTop GOT7 BTS (x2) I'm possibly missing some, but yeah, I think that's it. I have so much that I want to say (I could talk for days about biases, kdramas, learning Korean) but this is just an intro, so I'll leave that stuff for another day. So mainly I just wanted to put myself out there and get to know other people that love kpop, make some new friends (my roommates love me, addiction and all, but it's not the same lol). So if you have any questions for me about concerts, groups, biases, meeting idols, kdramas, or you just want to talk kpop in general (or non-kpop, I don't mind lol) just let me know! And as a final treat...some jibooty. Because why not?
Welcome to the Community! you're so lucky for all those concerts 馃様
Welcome to Vingle! I'm so jealous btw. XD
haven't started school yet but it actually might help because I would have more of a scheduled day @srhyne12
@netchtiBates Saaaame. It's especially difficult during the school year, because I have to study for so much other stuff. And I'm fixing to take Chinese this year for career purposes, so hopefully I won't get lost in too many languages. XD
welcome to vingle, Lol you've been to so many concerts and also got to meet artists, that's so awesome and I'm so jelly 馃槺 , are you able to speak Korean?
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