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For the first time, yesterday I had pasteles stew. Although I grew up in a Puerto Rican household, I wasn't familiar with this dish. This dish is a slowly cooked stew which includes habichuelas (red beans), pork fat trimmings, and chunks of pasteles. It's definitely a good stew to make, if you've got some pasteles and pork leftovers.
The only thing I would change about the stew I had, is to have a leaner, or meatier part of the pork in the stew. It was overwhelmingly fatty, and I couldn't really stomach it. This, like most stews, can be served over white rice. You can also exclude the pork and make this vegetarian.
This stew is cooked similar to carne guisada or habichuelas guisadas, but the key players for the main ingredients change.
If you're interested in making this dish yourself, here's a video you can check out.
If anyone has an authentic, traditional Puerto Rican recipe for this dish, I would love to see a card for it. (^_^)
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havent had this yet. I love pasteles... Will have yo try it one day...