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It's no secret that plenty of How I Met Your Mother fans were disappointed with the way the entire series came to and end. We waited nine seasons for The Mother and then we barely got to know her. We watched Barney and Robin fall in love and get married, only to announce a divorce just three years later.
I was okay with the ending because it seemed sort of true to real life, and left us with just the characters that we really got to know throughout the series. That being said, there are a couple of other ways that the finale could have gone, and these are just two of the things that I wish had happened.

Ted & Tracy

The series finale opens on the entire gang sitting at MacLaren's in 2016. It's Barney and Robin's 3 year wedding anniversary and everyone's reminiscing about that day. The flashback begins.
It all goes similarly to the actual finale, Ted meets Tracy at the train station, they realize that they've definitely seen each other before, but instead of flashing forward to their marriage, kids and Tracy's death, we get a much happier future for Ted and Tracy.
Two different times, we see them meet the gang in MacLaren's to announce that they're pregnant. We seem them finally get married and have their reception in their regular bar. Finally, it opens to Ted talking to his kids. "And that kids, is how I met your mother." The camera pans out and Tracy pops her head in the door and says something witty like "Ted, what lies are you telling our kids about me", and the scene fades out.

Barney & Robin

It's May 2013 and we've finally reached Barney and Robin's wedding day. We've been waiting an entire season for them to get married and the big day finally arrives. In true How I Met Your Mother fashion, the wedding is not going smoothy - Marshall's late and Ted's moping because he's moving away from his beloved NYC. As always, everything works out and they have a beautiful wedding.
After the wedding, we flash forward to 2016. Everyone's sitting in MacLaren's and Barney's buying drinks for everyone, except Robin, she's drinking water. They're celebrating because Robin's pregnant. Marshall and Ted are giving Barney a hard time because he's going to have to retire his suits to be a stay-at-home dad while Robin travels for work. The scene fades out as Robin and Barney argue over whether or not they'll make their son's middle name "wait for it".

There's no divorce, no Barney and Robin not working out because it took them nine seasons and a billion failed relationships to get there, so it must be worth it.

Do you prefer either of these endings? Or did you think the original one was satisfying enough?

honestly I think this first one would have been so much better. it seemed like a cheap punch in the gut the way they handled the actual ending. and undoing Barney and Robin's wedding to one another also completely undoes all of Barney's character development.
@VarunNambiar yeah I forgot about that, I guess it's true that in the show she couldn't be a mother, but I just would have loved to see Barney as a dad :) @LizArnone I know right I think they're good for each other, I wish the ending had given them a chance :(
Yep, agreed @VinMcCarthy. I can't imagine the thought process of the show's writers when they all knew how much fans were waiting to get to know the mother.
I AM SO BARNIE AND ROBIN this pains me to see what they could have been wah
@LauraFisher Yes as i said earlier, i liked the official alternate ending better than the original. Among these i loved the first one, Tracy popping up like that would have been wonderful. A much more 'Alls well that ends well ending'. Nicely put. In the second one, I guess it was made very clear that Robin cud nvr become a mother. But it would have been nice to see them succeed as partners after all they had been through..
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