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Thank you, fanfic flamingo for validating my life choices.

If you're in fandom and you're not on Archive of Our Own (aka Ao3) yet, you need to hustle. Done are the days of mass deletions from Over are the days of awesome-sounding fic recs with links that bring you to a friends-only livejournal. Even your favorite dreamwidth threads and Tumblr drabbles end up on Ao3 with a little time and some love from spellcheck.
And the tags are glorious.

The Archive has an excellent tagging system, which allows users to find and filter at will.

There's also an allowance for freeform tags. And users have run with this freedom, which is where we get tags like the ones above. Even better, now that we're investigating some of these ridiculous tags, fans are fusing them with screenshots. We're transforming our transformative fandom you guys.
(All images courtesy of

Are you ready to see the best ones?

The Agent Carter fandom

We know for a fact that Peggy is a sad bisexual and nothing the canon says will change our minds.

The Buffy fandom

These tags are somehow less weird than the actual show.

The Maze Runner fandom

Is definitely not wrong.

The Stucky fandom

Just in case you needed more sadness about Bucky Barnes in your life.

The Supernatural fandom

It's honestly a shame this show is over. Nobody hated it more than the fans that loved it.

And finally, the Thorki fandom

Hey, no judgement here.
(All of these are courtesy of Fandoms Meet Ao3 Tags).

Thank you, fanfiction writers of the world.

Thank you for rambling in your tags. Thank you for working so hard on your fics. Thank you for keeping me awake until 3 in the morning every night. Thank you for nurturing your fandoms.

You weirdos. I love you.

angry snuggling is the best hahahahha
thanks :)
I may or may not be dying laughing right now...this card is so good! @shannonl5 The Maze Runner, Supernatural and Thorki were my favorites!
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