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According to the Center for Disease Control, reports of leprosy are on the rise in the state of Florida. The cause, experts believe, is that people have been coming into more frequent contact with armadillos.
Yes. Armadillos are the only animals in the United States that carry leprosy, an age-old disease that causes skin and nerve damage. And while Florida usually sees around two cases of leprosy a year, they have reported a staggering 9 so far in 2015 - that's a considerable jump!
In a statement to CNN, Dr. Sunil Joshi, president of Florida's Duval County Medical Society, had this to say:

"There is a clear reason why this is happening in Florida. New homes are being developed, and we are tearing down armadillos' homes in the process. Now these creatures are coming out in the daytime, and the people who are getting exposed are those working outside."

Experts are urging the people of Florida to use careful not to come in contact with armadillos, which are mostly nocturnal and widespread throughout the state.
Well, unless it's the Holiday Armadillo, your half-Jewish friend. He's pretty harmless.
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@buddyesd It makes me really sad.
@buddyesd This is true. I already have to clean up after a dachshund. :(
@TessStevens there's always hope...and hazmat suits :) @danidee at least you clean , my kids regularly gift the dog to each other so they can say "its not my dog"...i end up cleaning...its a big dog too :'(
@buddyesd What kind of dog?!
@danidee I'm not sure, its supposedly part German Shepard and a mongrel but i can't see it. cute friendly dog though