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Where To Buy Affordable Workout Clothes

It almost hurts to pay $100+ for a pair of yoga pants, but they make your butt look too good, so why not? (Ladies, the struggle is too real). I understand that a lot of women want to look good when they step into the gym. Whether that means rocking those brand new Nikes, or a color coordinated tank and running shorts, it seems as if wearing an old t-shirt and last seasons workout pants just doesn't cut it anymore. Not to worry! For anyone on a budget, or someone looking to purchase new workout clothes without breaking the bank, I have compiled a list of companies that sell inexpensive workout gear. And no, I wouldn't dare to mention Lululemon.


Leggings are usually $25 and workout tanks around $10. Available in print and solid colors. Also, if you're interested, you should check out the accessories such as colorful combination locks, water bottles, socks, and headbands to add to your gym bag.

Forever 21

Racerback tanks for $9, sports bras for $15, and spandex shorts for $6? You really can't find a better deal than that.


Workout clothes are typically good quality with low price tags. The good thing about purchasing items here is that often times the clothing will go on sale and you will get a good deal no matter what.

Old Navy

Pants are under $20 and they have sizes that accommodate all body types. It's a win-win situation.


This department store carries quality items that will be durable, comfortable, and stylish. It also has a wide variety of workout brands including Under Armour, Nike, and Zella.

Marshalls/T.J. Maxx

You can always find some hidden gems in these two places. It's worth checking out their yoga mats, too.

Any other places you would add to the list? Leave in the comments below.

Marshalls and TJ Maxx are THE BEST! This is so helpful though, I never understood how a pair of leggings could cost $100....
Target Mossimo or Merona black tank tops and plain black running pants from Fila, TekGear, or Nike are my go to. Otherwise, H&M is alright. I'm a personal trainer/crossfit instructor and run marathons, and this combination has never let me down. I don't see the purpose in expensive workout clothes... $5 black tank tops last me years, while the few brand-name running shirts I've had got ruined within weeks or months. I've never paid full price for a pair of running pants either. Kohl's usually has Fila and Tekgear brand pants on sale, and they're just as great as those ridiculously priced ones at a sporting goods or name brand store. Black=minimal sweat stains (: And it's slimming! And! Cotton let's your skin breathe easier, and ultimately your sweat won't smell as bad in cotton as it would with synthetics.
Have you heard of Bebe Sport? The price is mid-range and the quality is amazing. Other places I go to for workout pieces are American Eagle (Aerie) or PINK. They're cute and they have amazing sales.
You cannot go wrong with either of those stores @LauraFisher! And the sad part is a majority of people who do pay that kind of cash for those leggings/pants have never actually been to a yoga class....
@LiquidPotatoes you're right. Kohl's have great sales and i have purchased a few camping and workout pieces from there, still in mint condition. Also, I love your clothing tips!
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Doctors can personify the voices heard by people with schizophrenia. Instead of tormenting patients, the avatars get nicer over time, and in some cases totally relieve auditory hallucinations.
Schizophrenia: a mental disorder characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to understand what is real. Common symptoms include false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking, hearing voices that others do not hear, reduced social engagement and emotional expression, and a lack of motivation. About 65% of patients with schizophrenia experience verbal auditory hallucinations, typically in the form of voices that emanate from perceived “others,” who tend to fit the same unsavory profile – they're domineering, derogatory and unremittingly hostile. (source) They tell them to do violent things, they cause them to lose control. But in a test in 2009-2011, there was a breakthrough in dealing with these violent voices. Giving the voices a face. The therapy allowed patients to create an avatar, or visual representation of the source of their perceived auditory hallucinations, known as the “persecutor,” whose speech closely matched the pitch and tone of the persecutory voice in their heads. Patients were then encouraged to engage in a dialogue with the avatar, who was controlled by a therapist. The results of the therapy were astounding, with some patients finding their hallucinations completely vanishing. Of course, there were some that did not have any change, but with the second round of testing an even higher percentage of patients found that their hallucinations lessened. According to the study’s lead author Tom K J Craig, PhD, FRCP, emeritus professor of social psychiatry at King’s College London, “The operation of power within this relationship is viewed as crucial…the voice-hearer assum[es] a submissive role characterized by feelings of inferiority and powerlessness that can reflect social relationships more generally,” researchers wrote. “The therapist (switching between speaking as therapist and as avatar) facilitates a dialogue in which the voice-hearer gradually gains increased power and control within the relationship, with the initially omnipotent voice loosening its grip over the hearer by becoming more conciliatory over time." Basically, they made the avatar be nicer overtime and gave the patient the feeling of having control over it. For the full article: here
스트릿에서 포착된 푸마 ‘쉐르파’ 스타일 가이드
스타일링의 정석. 제법 선선해진 초가을의 문턱, 한발 앞서 가을을 준비한 푸마(PUMA)가 지난달 공개된 ‘쉐르파(SHERPA)’ 라인의 새로운 에디토리얼을 발표했다. 온화한 분위기가 푸마와 닮은 듯, 따스한 무드가 물씬 풍기는 이번 화보의 행선지는 해외의 어느 스트릿. 한낮의 거리를 배경으로 포착된 화보는 젊고 활기찬 모델들의 자유로운 감성과 내추럴한 포즈가 어우러져 자연스러운 모습을 더욱 배가시켰다. 롱 재킷과 맨투맨, 후디 등 다양한 ‘쉐르파’ 제품을 가볍게 걸쳐 트렌디한 스타일을 완성한 이들. 베이직한 컬러에 네온과 타이포그래피로 포인트를 더한 ‘쉐르파’는 비니와 버킷햇, 선글라스, 크로스백 등 다채로운 액세서리로 개성 있는 룩을 연출하기 제격이다. 또한 하이힐과 트랙 팬츠를 매치하고, 파자마 팬츠 및 체인 액세서리에 스니커로 마무리하는 것도 색다른 코디 방법. 여름의 끝자락에 새 계절을 맞이할 채비를 다 하지 못했다면, 푸마의 ‘쉐르파’ 에디토리얼을 참고해보는 것은 어떨까. 일교차가 큰 간절기부터 매서운 한겨울까지 완벽한 ‘효자템’ 노릇을 톡톡히 할 테니. 위 제품은 현재 푸마 공식 온라인 스토어(를 비롯해 전국 매장 및 ABC마트 강남, 명동점에서 만나볼 수 있다. 앞서, 위 슬라이드를 통해 다양한 ‘쉐르파’ 스타일링을 확인해본 뒤 이번 시즌 데일리룩에 참고해보자.  더 자세한 내용은 <아이즈매거진> 링크에서