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Bonjour mes amis !

The best lessons in French class were always the ones where we listened to a contemporary French song and learned a TON of French slang as a result. Today, I've got a song for you that will teach you the word emballer (ahm-bah-lay).

emballer (quelqu'un) = to make out with someone

Here it is in a sentence:
Il a emballé une fille au bar hier soir.
He made out with a girl at the bar last night.

The Song

This song by Yelle, "Bouquet Final" (which translates to final bouquet, or curtain call), is about a couple having a passionate moment in the face of an uncertain future. Yelle sings "Je te prends, je t'emballe," which means, "I take you, I kiss you," (or, well, make out with you, but that doesn't sound as nice). It's a really good song, and the video above displays the lyrics in time with the music, so you can read along!
I think it's a pretty sexy song that absolutely captures the spirit of the lyrics (les paroles). How much of it can you understand? You can find an English translation of the lyrics here.

So now, next time a French hottie asks if you want to "emballer," you know what that means! ;)