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We have seen the power of #TheHive hashtag on social media. In 2015, we have basked in the ambience of the BeyHive, FutureHive and now, the BowWowHive.

Yes my fellow Vinglers. Twitter users linked across the globe to share their thoughts on Lil Bow Wow. The memes created during the session about the Ohio native were hilarious.

Bow Wow has seen a lot of ups and downs over the course of his fifteen years in the music industry, and the fans embraced them all during #BowWowHive.

Some of the standout tweets from fans were “What other rapper you know win a kids choice award? This isn't a game #BowWowHive,” and “This (Without You) is everyone's song. The struggle to say the chorus in one breath without dying was real . #BowWowHive ”
During the day long session, hundreds of tweets and memes were created by fans looking to share their thoughts on Bow Wow. The Hive was so aggressive at one point that Bow Wow actually joined the fun himself.
It was great to see that Bow Wow took the roast in stride as it was all in good fun. With that being said, it was cool to link with fans on social media and discuss the impact Bow Wow has had on the music industry. The grizzled vet has crafted numerous hits such as “Let Me Hold You,” “Bounce Wit Me,” “Like You” and more.
It seems as if people still have love in their heart for Bow Wow. Time will tell if he has another hit song left in him.