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French guys are so undeniably sexy. I don't know if it's their well-dressed sense of style, their impeccable grooming habits, their Frenchiness... or is it just that amazing accent?
If you're going to take up with a French hottie, there will undoubtedly come a time when you want to express just how weak in the knees that beautiful accent makes you. So this is what you tell him:

Je trouve ton accent très sexy.

I think your accent is really sexy.
Let's break it down!
Je trouve = I find (from the verb 'trouver' = to find)
ton accent = your accent
très sexy = very sexy


There are two tricky parts of this phrase: accent and sexy. Both words resemble like their English counterparts, but they are pronounced completely differently.
accent: First syllable: ax. Second syllable, which is emphasized, is pronounced like the English word 'on,' but stop halfway through, leaving your mouth open. Don't completely pronounce the n. That's how you make the nasal sound necessary to pronounce the "ent."
sexy: It's the second syllable emphasized here too. Rather than saying "SEX-ee," like English speakers do, the French say "sex-EE."

Now go out and find a French cutie to practice on! ;D

(And if you can, make it Nicolas Simoes, the extremely attractive French model in the photos above.)