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Everyone needs coffee, especially young professionals living in big cities.
Baristas have to put up with a lot of shit, like your foam or milk preference, room for cream, all that syrup and shit. So here's a little payback for you.
Here's what a Barista friend of mine answered when asked about people's popular orders, and what it says about you. ;)

Skinny Vanilla Late

"You just came from yoga class, or you're going there...whatever, either way you're always wearing yoga pants."

Grande Black Dark Roast

"You're stoic as hell, and you're probably somebody's dad."

Grande Java Chip Frappuccino

"You're an adult who feels wierd ordering something usually reserved for little girls who say, 'This has coffee in it right?'"

Tall, Non Fat, No Water Chai

"You basic."

Caramel Macchiato

"You can't admit it to yourself, but you hate the taste of coffee."
For shame.

Triple Tall Americano

"You mean business. You probably work in an office, and you're probably gonna be working late tonight and every night for the rest of your life. Everything is just a copy of a copy of a copy"
...nice Fight Club reference.

Grande Caramel Frappuccino

"You hate coffee, or this is your first time setting foot in a Starbucks."

Venti Unsweetened Iced Coffee

"Both you and your coffee preference are straightforward. You're probably chill as hell and like...long board or something."

Triple Espresso (Ordered in the Morning)

"You didn't sleep last night."
Yeah, I order this all the time.

Triple Espresso (Ordered at Night)

You're about to turn up.
What's your order?
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I love the caramel Frappuccino and I always get the largest size but I loooove coffee so I don't know what this barista is talking about. lolz XD
this is really funny!
@allischaaff very true! comes down to personal preference. :D
so true when you see what people order..
I get or make triple espresso shots any time of the day, especially in the evenings before I instruct crossfit, or before a long distance run. Starbucks espresso is awful though. ): But then again, I'm very picky when it comes to coffee. What I've seen here in the States (and everywhere for that matter) is, if it's large-scale corporate, it's frequently not very good.