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There are two staples that are always on my dinner table. Hot sauce, and ranch. My kids LOVE ranch dressing! They eat it with everything! So, to make a meal that has the favors they love, and will sit silently at the table indulging every delicious bite, I make this recipe.
Seriously, what's not to love about chicken, bacon, and ranch mixed together with pasta and cheese, and on your table in 30 minutes or less!?!? Yes please! I serve this delicious meal with crusty warm bread and extra cheese!
Awww :) @jlee37 it must be the greatest feeling when you make something they like! :D
@allischaaff @shannonl5 It is good! My boy's are picky eaters and when they go for seconds, I know the recipe is a keeper!
@jlee37 I bet! There's no taste-test like the picky eater taste test
It is. I don't want them to go to sleep feeling hungry. I want them to go to sleep feeling full and happy.
Oh wow @jlee37 I am drooling looking at this recipe. Sounds amazing!! No wonder your kids love it ;D thanks for sharing!!
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