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Lol me too and yeah turning a non~kpop fan into kpop fans is really hard but its so worth it. @SashaLove
2 years ago·Reply
@solodaywithB1A4 yeah it is worth it ! lol ^^ its fun to teach em all I know . its like im teaching them the ways of the gedi
2 years ago·Reply
yup it is!!! Yes it is fun teaching kpop things to other non kpoppers !! My thoughts are like "My knowledge finally paid off for something" @SashaLove
2 years ago·Reply
it never actually went like that with me because people always think that it's Chinese but when I let a friend listen to gd and they say that he's good that's when I'm getting excited and react like the picture ^
2 years ago·Reply
Thats true they do think it's chinese LOL and yeah @chellax2112x
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