Ahhh Hey guys!! I just woke up to go to the doctor's. One thing I hate about getting ready for the school year is the frequent oppointments to get shots and test. Anyways since I'm here im just catching up on my weekly variety shows before i get stabbed with some juice to sleep I was wondering how it would be like if Bangtan or got7 was on return of superman?
It would be entertaining lol. Like in Got7 it would be like: JB: Trying to love the baby but the baby would cry because looks scary. Jackson: Trying to teach the baby to call him the best oppa or teaching it swag Jr: Actually taking care of the baby haha Yongjae: Awkwardly playing with the baby because it wont stop tugging on his chubby face. Mark: Mark trying to stop jackson from ruining the baby's chance of being normal. Yugyeom: Trying to teach it to dance . BamBam: Sitting there thinking he is cuter than the baby so the hyungs should pay more attention to him.
BTS Would be like: Rapmonster: Trying to teach the baby how to rap like him but accidently breaking the baby's toy leaving it crying. Jin: Feeding the baby while telling them about how hard it is to raise 6 kids lol Suga: Sleeping.... Jhope: Teaching the baby how to do his official booty dance and aegyo. V: Teaching it how to call jimin a pabo Jimin: Teaching the baby to call him daddy and Kookie mommie Kookie: helping V teaching the baby to call jimin a pabo
I can picture jhope making faces at the baby like that. Hahahaha So what show would you love your bias group to be in? Mines is anything that have to do with them taking care of babies hahaha.
lol this would be epic,i wish bts where on running man i think that would be one of the best eps XD
@kpopis100 I know right! I freaking loved that show
I wish they would bring roommate back because there's so many people I want on the the show
@JennyRodriguez yass that would be a thing to see Lol