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The winner this week is my official Funny Community hypeman, @jokes, having come up with this caption for our beer-drinking beach bum babies!
As this week's winner, his submission will be a Funny community 'sticky card' of the week - meaning it's the first card all users will see when they come visit our section of Vingle!

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this week's Funny Caption Challenge. Look out for next week's challenge, or follow the Funny Caption Contest Collection to add all future challenges to your Vingle feed!

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congratulations @jokes :)
2 years ago·Reply
milk but not anywhere near as good as the boob
2 years ago·Reply
oh wow! thanks guys! :D
2 years ago·Reply
congrats @jokes! ^_^
2 years ago·Reply
@biancaP thank you!
2 years ago·Reply