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Everyone has an idea about what healthy is and what it isn't, and if your idea comes from what you see in magazines or on TV, you only have part of the story. We have been programed to believe that health is revealed by the size of pants you wear or by the amount of fat you have on your body.
But that does not represent health!
I recently watched the craziest show, Living With The Enemy, which takes two people of very conflicting view points and forces them to live together for 8 days. Ahhhh good ol' reality television, always creating a recipe for disaster.
This weeks episode placed a fitness addict and a BBW Model (Big Beautiful Women) plus-size blogger in the same house. And it reveled an insane amount of issues and misconceptions that we as a society have about health!
Most importantly, this episode reveled that being too much of anything is dangerous, which means being too obsessed with being skinny and fit or too obsessed with being a BBW is damaging to ones heath.

BBW Model - Kristy Love

Kristy Love is the BBW Model who is proud and in love with her body and every single curve that she has, which I fucking love. I wish I had her confidence and could embrace my imperfections and view them as perfect. She was positive and upbeat and happy with herself, even when faced with 8 days of fat/body shamming from fitness nut Michel Marley who even went as far as "oinking" at her.
Now I am all about body positively and the fact that the number on the scale means nothing. However, no matter how perfect you think your body is (and it is), exercising should be apart of everyones life. Love didn't feel like she needed to exercise because she loves the way her body looks.
But exercising goes way further then looks. Working out helps you combat illness, heart attacks, diabetes, and just things as simple as muscle strains. We need to start thinking about eating healthy and working out not as means to make our outsides beautiful, but as a way to keep out insides healthy.

Fitness Addict - Michel Marley

On the opposite side of the spectrum is Marley, who portion controls herself and her 4 children. She is so obsessed with being healthy that she actually fears that having a social like will effect her healthy lifestyle and will cause her "to become fat."
Now, this may seem dramatic, but the very fat that she said her fear is getting fat shows that her healthy lifestyle isn't to keep her and her kids healthy, its to keep them from getting fat.
Having way to strict of a diet and work out regime is just as unhealthy as not having one at all. One of her children has already been hospitalized because she binged on sugary junk food when she had the chance and made herself sick. Such a restrictive diet is the beginnings of an eating disorder and extreme mental body image issues that lead to further self hate and fat shaming.
The problem with both Love and Marley is that they are viewing heath as a size issue. Love and her friends called out Marley saying no man wants her because she looks like a 12 year old boy, meanwhile Marley thinks it is disgusting that Love is plus-szied.
We as a society need to stop thinking that health is about looks. And the change should start NOW.
Stop dieting so that you look amazing in a bathing suit and start eating healthy because it makes you feel amazing.
Stop working out to get the body all the guys want and start working out so that you feel strong and invincible
And stop looking in the mirror and seeing your imperfections. Because we are all beautiful.
@TerrecaRiley it's so hard to realize that health isn't a single look!! It's is sooo frustrating sometimes !! Glad you're on my side too haha
@LizArnone Wow! this card! It should be about you and health, not looks. Your card is enlightening and your words are empowering.
Where is this show aired? Is it on Netflix?
its on lifetime!! i watched it on demand so i don't think its on netflix. but they have another one I saw that was a gay couple and a very conservative anti gay marriage woman.