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So after i found out that Big Bang was coming to vegas i basically asked my manager to give me a few more hours. (you know get paid more) and so far a great amount of money has been earned. I'm excited that i just might go now that im alright money wise. But.... I have about one friend of mine who like k-pop and she can't attend. just curious but is there anyone in vegas who just might go or is planning on going? i don't mean to sound weird or creepy. I just was curious, just so i can somehow make friends ahead of time.
I have seen a few people going to to Vegas show on here. I myself am going YAAAY! Having an all girl trip planned. Some of us are flying in from all around the US and have not seen each for years, or are meeting for the first time. It's real exciting, will be my first time seeing and I want the whole Big Bang experience .... Then, go get in trouble Vegas style πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‰
@KopaKrazed thanks, and it's alright, no worries. (∩_∩)
Feel bad, and just wanted to say I hope you find someone. I'm no where near there otherwise I would.