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For those who need a fandom-to-English translation:

Five Recommendations for Fanfiction Featuring John and Sherlock in an Alternate Universe

I posted a few Drarry fic recs, but I think I need to dedicate a card to the pairing that got me back into fanfiction in the first place: John and Sherlock. I read some fic when I was a kid, and even wrote my own eldritch horror of an AU for... YuGiOh (I know, I'm ashamed I can't find it). And then I dropped out of fandom for a few years. I missed the epic Cassandra Clare fandom wank. I missed the great (terrible) slash purge of 2012. I missed... I missed a lot. Because I was under the mistaken impression that fanfiction is for children. Thankfully, the appeal of Johnlock was too great.

And fandom welcomed me back with open arms.

There's some great Johnlock fic out there. This is just a tiny sample. I thought I'd feature my favorite AUs so that I could recommend a wider variety of styles and stories. Any of these stories are a great entry into fanfiction for folks who are unfamiliar with it.
Here goes...

The Swan Triad

by pen-in-ink
The fairy tale AU. Sherlock and John grow up, seeing each other every summer, and they hate each other form the get-go. Until, slowly, something changes. And they don’t hate each other anymore. And the night before John goes away to join the Army, they realize that they love each other. And then Sherlock gets abducted by a madman. By day, he’s a swan. By night, he resumes his human form, but only if he’s by an enchanted lake.
Sherlock and John grow up spending every summer together. Their mothers’ attempts to play matchmaker only fuel their mutual resentment and scorn. But then, one summer… (A Swan Princess AU)

Read this if you like fairy tales and slow-burning romance.

(Art by Devinleighbee)

Performance in a Leading Role

by Mad_Lori
The actors AU. This is basically a must-read for anyone in the Sherlock fandom. It's fandom-famous. Sherlock and John are both actors that need a break, and fast. They're cast as the romantic leads in a bittersweet Ang Lee movie.
Sherlock Holmes is an Oscar winner in the midst of a career slump. John Watson is an Everyman actor trapped in the rom-com ghetto. When they are cast as a gay couple in a new independent drama, will they surprise each other? Will their on-screen romance make its way into the real world?

Read this if you want a will-they-or-won't-they drama.

Fill our mouths with cinnamon now

by lbmisscharlie
The parentlock au. This picks up during the first episode of Sherlock, as if Sherlock has a daughter. John moves in. He and John begin a relationship. And through all of it, Sherlock prioritizes Imogen’s care. He doesn’t feel like a good parent, and is constantly trying to compensate, and make sure that she feels safe and loved.
When Sherlock invited John to live with him in 221B, he forgot to mention he was a single father to a four-year-old girl.

Read this if you want a saccharine tearjerker.

You Give Me Fever

by michi_thekiller
The greaserlock au. John is a nerdy student and Sherlock is the greaser truant he falls for. It's sweet and sad and completely charming, and both of the character surprise you in the best way. And it's pretty smutty.
Thou givest fever when we kisseth, fever with thy flaming youth Fever I'm afire; fever, yea, I burn forsooth "He's the kind of boy you want to take apart." Gratuitous Greaserlock. It's essentially 16k of mostly-porn

Read this if you want to remember the heady rush of being young and brutally in love.

(Art by Grace)

Darkling I Listen

by You_Light_The_Sky
The magical realism AU. The chilling world of Darkling is fantastic and strange and completely compelling. The parallels between this world and the world of the show are incredible.
No one who enters old London ever comes out. They say that the beast devours them. When his sister disappears, John ventures into the dead zone beyond the wall, and finds a brilliant madman under a terrible curse...

Read this if you're in the mood for magical realism, and you're thrilled by monsters.

(Art by yesnotoaster)


@shannonl5 Haven't read any of these but thank you thank you thank youuuuu i'm going on a road trip later this week (not the one driving, and with old family members so....I need something to do in the car!)
OHHHH Darkling I Listen sounds amazing!! I usually only stick to harry potter fanfic but I might have to dabble in some others (since I read way to much harry potter). Im def gonna have to check this one out
@timeturnerjones you're SO welcome! I read a couple of these on some long bus trips and they will definitely keep you occupied ^_^
@LizArnone definitely do! These are all really beautifully written. Hit me up any time you want to expand because I am ALL ABOUT fandoms :D