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For most people, fighting games are fun, but ultimately not something they can make competitive strides in. There is a difficulty barrier to the specific button-presses necessary to pull off the insane combos like the pros do, a barrier that is just too difficult for the layman to pass through.
Seth Killian wants to change that. With giant robots.
Seth Killian is a well-known name in the fighting game world. a former community manager for Capcom and one of the lead developers for Streeth Fighter 4. He also worked as a developer for Sony Santa Monica, where he was part of the team responsible for Playstation All Stars Battle Royale.
Now, though, Killian has been parted from Santa Monica for a little more than a year. In that time, he hasn't been idle. No, sir, not at all. What he has been doing is working with Radiant Entertainment, the guys who are responsible for EVO. They've been working on a new title that's sure to shake up the fighting game community.
That title is Rising Thunder.
Rising Thunder is an all-online, free-to-play title that is trying to redefine how fighting games work. For starters, it is PC-only. So you'll be fighting it out on a keyboard. More than that, there will be no need for complex command entries. the super moves will be mapped to one button, and there will be a cooldown between periods where you can use them.
The game is still in it's alpha stage, and signups are ongoing for it. Until the game releases in proper form, you can sign up for the alpha and check out the press. Here's the teaser trailer released at EVO this year: