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So i went on my Youtube (bad idea) and in the "recommend videos for you" thing some VHope videos popped out and since that is my biggest shipping in BTS i thought why not (next bad idea) i clicked the video and ughhh.....i cant take anymore.....i just love VHOPE
you can tell just by looking at V's and Hobi's face ughhh.....they are so happy together awwahhh....nope nope i cant.....i just cant
I ran into this video and i was like awwwwahhhhhhh from there on it was *does deep voice and plays the little Mario song when he has no more lifes* GAME OVER
So im over here like dying over how cute they are together on every single video and im like awwwahhhhh and then i run in to this next video (another bad idea)
now this video was like whoa and i mean whoa cause as much as i ship hopemin (Third biggest ship in bts) i support VHope more and i was like no hobiii go to your alien now please......until the end of the video i was happy again hahaha
but V is not the only one who gets jealous also hobii just look how he reacts to VKOOK (Forth biggest shopping in bts)
awwww se chivea todo que cute awww cositas chulo
awwww he get all shy how cute awww cute little thing
So the whole purpose of this card was to share the videos i saw with you guys and to let out my VHope feels i had inside hahahaha.....so yeah.......sorry for the long card but i love it
awwwahhh i love them
ughhhhh i cant this my ultimate favorite shipping....dude relationship goals im not even kidding ughhhh...i cant VHOPE FOREVER hehehehe
well yeah i better the end the card here so i can clam my self....*take deep breath* i think im better....*looks at the card again*....ill probably bother @StarBabes and @StephyBAP about this in a bit hahaha bye bye
Vhope is life!!❤💘
@StephanieDuong everyone need a little vhope in their life once in a while hehehehe :)
This made me SOO happy. It's not even funny. lol. xD
This whole post was beautiful!!!
@B1A4BTS5ever alright xD
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