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Drama: I Remember You
Talk about literal Satansoo!
I am on episode 3 of this drama right now and I can't believe how scary D.O.'s character was. I have to commend him on his acting skills. He just keeps getting better and better with each drama.
If you guys are watching I Remember You, what did you think of D.O.'s acting? And his character?
might start watching this today considering I have so many things i don't want to do
@poojas **we START dramas together πŸ˜• but then she watches the rest without me 😧
@tayunnie DUUUUDE, that's awesome! Your mom watches dramas with you! I am all alone in K-drama binge watching LMAO
@poojas OMG NO IVE BEEN WANTING TOO but my mom started it without me and i didn't want to watch it anymore BUT NOW I WILL πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Omg ok so I started this yesterday and wow the first three episodes I was just like omg wayyy messed up!!! next few I was like... the romance is too strong πŸ˜• but ofc imma catch up today πŸ˜„ and love it nonetheless loving do
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