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Well done, Caitlyn.

I'm impressed. The first episode is packed with tons of information, emotions, and experiences. I think E! did a wonderful job at exposing the different opinions and concerns placed by Caitlyn's family and friends. Though many believe the entire thing to be only a spectacle, it's much more than that. Caitlyn is a leader in the trans community despite if you agree or not. Below I have provided a list of the key moments from the show.


- "I hope I get it right." The one phrase that Caitlyn states in the opening of her series. We see a vulnerable Jenner up very late stressing over the obstacles of trans people. It starts off the show as a type of "take action" response.
- Rob Kardashian and Kim Kardashian both called Caitlyn to congratulate her. Kim even mentions that Caitlyn wins the record for fastest person to hit 1M followers in a day.
- We see a very nervous Caitlyn prior to revealing herself to her mother and two sisters. She's very concerned over her mother's reaction.
- Caitlyn's mother shows strong grieving of the loss of 'Bruce'. She still refers to Caitlyn as 'Bruce' and uses male pronouns to address her. However, Caitlyn's mother is determined to adjust and be accepting.
- We see the first time that Caitlyn has used FaceTime. She FaceTimes with Kylie which catches Caitlyn off guard since she hadn't revealed herself to Kylie. Kylie was under anesthesia at the dentist but says that she's not scared of her father and that Caitlyn looks pretty.
- Pronouns are very important.
- Predictably, Caitlyn's mother has cisgendered views and is very religious. A biblical verse about men dressing as women is brought into question. The family therapist counteracts her worries stating that she believes that Caitlyn has always been a woman.
- Caitlyn and her older sister Pam play tennis while discussing how Caitlyn will come out to her straight guy friends. Caitlyn's very scared to address it.
- Kylie jokes that she's married after receiving a framed picture of her grandmother at a married age 17.
- Caitlyn tries on teal blue extensions that Kylie gave her.
- Caitlyn talks about the importance of overcoming the suicide issues that transgendered face. We see a very vulnerable moment when Caitlyn admits that she's been in her home before holding a gun contemplating suicide.
- Caitlyn and Kim plot a "Who Wore It Better?" prank on Kris Jenner since they have the same dress.
- Caitlyn's mother thought that her proudest moment of Caitlyn was when she won the gold medal at the Olympics however admits that she was wrong taking note on Caitlyn's courage.
- Caitlyn has to switch between three cars in the film due to the aggressive paparazzi. The paparazzi could be paid $250,000 for one photo at the peak of Caitlyn's coming out.
- Caitlyn meets with Kylar's parents, a transgendered pre-teen who commits suicide. Caitlyn participates in a balloon launch as well.
- We see in the final promo advertising the rest of the season a very dramatic twist. Kim tells Caitlyn not to bash his children. Caitlyn has a love interest named Candice? Khloé is not happy with the Vanity Fair cover. You can see a quick snippet of it above.

Kanye West gives some wise words to Caitlyn Jenner. Very touching moment.

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If you have already watched the episode, what did you think?
Wow this seems much more meaty and socially conscious than what I'm used to from the Kardashians. I'm very into it too @LizArnone!! :D Thanks for sharing @cullenquigley, I didn't know this show was a thing but I think I might have to check it out now
OMG I AM SO IN THIS!! it looks amazing and I'm glad it isn't just a show about her life and she will be using her show to inform and be an activist for trans rights and acceptance !