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The Chicago police will do whatever it takes to stop a Chief Keef show in their area.

A couple weeks ago news broke of the death of a rapper named Capo, which is a good friend of Chief Keef. Reporters also shared news that an infant was also killed by the getaway car of the alleged shooter. Keef was so moved by the incident that he pledged to do benefit show for the child. Proceeds were to go to the family of baby, Dillan Harris.
Over the past two weeks, the police and respected members of the community have done everything in their power to thwart the event. The first two attempts in Chicago were stalled.
Yesterday, Keef and the promoters tried to spring the hologram performance in Indiana. One the cops caught wind of the set, they sprung into action to stop the performance.
The concert at Craze fest was the third time this month that this charity concert has been stalled. Upon watching the video you can see the cops were hell bent on stopping the performance. According to TMZ, Keef did at least get to perform part of a song this time, before authorities pulled the plug. Fans were later told to leave the venue.
It’s pretty weird to see the police and politicians go to this length to stop an artist from performing. Every time this show is cancelled it fuels the press to created new headlines. Eventually the police will have to answer deep questions on why they are stopping a benefit concert.
The funniest part about this whole story is that Chief Keef isn’t even performing the concert in person. The performance has always been a hologram image of Keef from Beverly Hills. Hopefully the two parties can find a middle ground on the issues so that the show can go on.