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Recently Yuri discussed how she feels about her personality not being right for an idol. I COMPLETELY DISAGREE im not into SNSD big time BUT SHE IS AN AMAZING, FUN, AND QUIRKY PERSON AND PERFECT AS AN IDOL. Ofcourse the Netizen community has to say something about her heartfelt confession, which if you havent yet you can read here. After the Netizens bashing V.I.Ps and now this. I had to say something (sorry there is a curse word in there)
Its a little long but i had to get some anger out. TRUST ME I HAD ALOT MORE TO SAY, but i just left it at this. I constantly see Netizens bash idols and their fans, and i just had to say something. If its too much i apologize, but i couldn't hold it in anymore. Do you feel the same? Everyone has the right to criticize but when it gets to the point of deliberately trying to hurt others, what kind of self satisfaction is that?
I literally have to make a card everytime an idol gets bashed because they totally don't deserve it! IDOLS ARE HUMANS TOO. I don't know how many times this needs to get repeated for people to get it. SMH
Netizens drive me insane. I hate how they think they can say whatever they want about idols and get away with it; is not their lives, it's not their business. If they came to America and tried half that shit with a Hollywood actor, that actor would retaliate. It's time Korean idols stop letting these people get away with murder.
I feel the same way. I'm glad u spoke out on injustice..kudos for u! not many has spoken out which is why I think this goes on and can get worse. more ppl should speak on it. call it out when u see it!!!
your totally right @ErinGregory and @chongx I wish we could make a protest against them. I feel like the only reason they continue to hurt idols and fans is because they know they will be mentioned online, so they will get attention. It would be great if we could stop giving them the attention they want and maybe that could at least decrease the number of them
I completely agree. Netizens go way to far sometimes. I have no idea what there problem is. Why can't they just let the idols be!?
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